Duck walks into a bar

Posted in Animals on February, 26 2005 1:55 PM

A duck walks into a bar and asks the bar man "you got a grape?". The man replies "sorry but we don't sell grapes", the duck sighs and walks out.

The next day the duck returns back to the pub and asks the same question, "you got a grape?", the bar man replies "i told you yesterday that we don't sell grapes here, now get lost". So the duck turns and walks out!

The following day the duck enters the bar again, but before he can ask his question the bar man shouts at him "if you ask me for a grape again i will nail your beak to the bar, you got that?".

 The duck looks up at him and says "got any nails?", "no" replies the bar man.

The duck pauses, "you got a grape?"


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