What did the chicken do?

Posted in Animals on May, 07 2005 11:26 AM

A man inherited a parrot.  At first he thought this was a good thing.  But the parrot would do nothing but swear.  It's language offended hardened sailors.

On the first day the man played the parrot soothing music and put its condition down to the stress of moving.  On the second day he tried witty put downs.  On the third day he ignored it.  Nothing worked, the parrot still let forth a torrent of blue words.

On the fourth day he snapped and after a particularly creative insult involving his mother, a goat and the local vicar the man grabbed the parrot and thrust him into the freezer.

For a few minutes the parrot continued unabated.  Then everything went quiet.  The man, worried that he had killed the parrot, took a peek into the freezer.  The parrot hopped out and was strangely silent and then said:

"I am most terribly sorry, old chap, if I in any way offended you earlier with my choice language....could I just ask......what did the chicken do?"


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