Britains Best Sitcom - The Results

Posted in Articles & Features on March, 29 2004 8:22 PM

Last Saturday saw the culmination of the BBC's hunt for Britains Best Sitcom.  After an evening of live television specials and voting, the results of the hunt for Britains Best Sitcom finished as follows:


1st.  Only Fools and Horses (22.2%)
2nd.  Blackadder (18.3%)
3th.  Vicar of Dibley (13.8%)
4th.  Dad's Army (11.3%)
5th.  Fawlty Towers (11.2%)
6th.  Yes Minister (8%)
7th.  Porridge (6.1%)
8th.  Open All Hours (4.4%)
9th.  The Good Life (2.6%)
10th.One Foot in the Grave (2%)


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