Only Fools and HorsesIt can't have escaped the eyes and ears of the dedicated comedy fan that the BBC is on the hunt for Britains Best Sitcom .  In a special series of programmes a shortlist of ten of the nations favourite sitcoms is being put to the public vote.  Each week a different celebrity champions the cause of their favourite sitcom in a programme dedicated to their treasured show.  Immediately after hearing the case for a sitcom viewers get the chance to see an episode of that show in BBC2.

In tribute to the BBC's search UK Gold has announced a special series dedicated to the nation's top 10.  From February 16th to March 26th UK Gold will be showing all the shows in the shortlist.  The series runs every weeknight from 7pm for 6 weeks.

UK Gold's great tribute begins at 7pm, with the sublime Yes Minister. True to the rule that says people rise to the level of their incompetence, The Rt Hon James Hacker PC, MP, BSc (Econ) (Paul Eddington), has now ascended to the highest political office in the land.  Fortunately for the country, his scheming advisor Sir Humphrey (Nigel Hawthorne) proves more than willing to steer the unsteady ship of state through the perilous waters of government.

The classic comedy continues at 7.40pm with Dad's Army featuring Captain Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe) and his "force of ruthless killers".  Following on at 8.20pm with the show that launched Felicity Kendal's bottom to a grateful nation, The Good Life.  9pm brings the fantastically written and superbly cast, Only Fools and Horses, arguably the greatest sitcom of all time. Here's another chance to savour some of the most memorable episodes as Peckham's finest - aka Derek Trotter (the brilliant David Jason) - chases that elusive fortune. 

It may be just Porridge to habitual criminal Norman Stanley Fletcher (Ronnie Barker), but it will be a feast for all viewers at 9.40pm as UK Gold warms up those winter nights with the third series of the nation's most stirring comedy!  And last but by no means least at 10.20pm, everyone's favourite miserable old git still has One Foot In the Grave. For many a long year, Victor Meldrew has been the tireless champion of the silent suburban majority.

Other great titles featured in UK Gold's Britain's Best Sitcom season are: Open All Hours, Blackadder, The Vicar of Dibley and Fawlty Towers.


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