DVD Easter Eggs

Posted in Articles & Features on January, 15 2004 4:33 PM

DVDFor those of you not familiar with the term, an "Easter Egg" is a name given to a special piece of hidden functionality included in a DVD (or piece of software) which becomes available only when you perform a secret function, such as pressing a special combination of buttons.  Easter eggs can include things like hidden extra footage, sound tracks or games.

It is surprising how many DVDs include these hidden features.  Top comedies such as The Office, Friends and The Simpsons all contain easter eggs.  For example, in The Office Series 1 DVD, on the title screen wait until the desk phone starts to ring (this takes a few minutes) then press "Enter" and you will get a full recording of Dvaid Brent's song. 

For a full directory of available DVD Easter Eggs visit DVDEasterEggs.com by clicking the link below:




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