Brydon Pens Keith's Self Help Book

Posted in Books on May, 27 2004 11:51 PM

Rob BrydonRob Brydon, who wrote and starred in the successful BBC TV series 'Marrion and Geoff', along with it's prequel 'A Small Summer Party' is now going to port his lead character to a new medium.  The next chapter in the life of his divorced husband character, "Keith", is not to be captured by a fixed camera mounted on a car dashboard.  Instead, Brydon is writing a book as the character, which will be called: "Keith's self-help guide to Making Divorce Work." 

Brydon is reported to have landed a six figure sum to write the book, which will be co-written with his agent, of all people, Paul Duddridge.

Speaking about the project, Duddridge said: "The Keith Barret character has done a video diary on marriage, then he got picked up by a promoter and did a lecture tour of the UK and the book is in the same spirit. It is Keith's advice on making your divorce work but it is not just divorce, it is any kind of failed relationships. It is typically inappropriate Keith advice – how to befriend your wife's new boyfriend and things like that.”

The book is expected to go on sale in the Autumn of 2004.



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