New Eric Morecambe Biography

Posted in Books on July, 10 2003 6:50 PM

It is nearly 20 years now, since British comedy lost one of it's true icons.  In 1984, after a long fight against heart disease and at the height of success, Eric Morecambe died.

Now, using family photos and extracts from previously unseen diaries, Eric's eldest son, writer Gary Morecambe, has put together this biography and created an intimate and revealing portrait of his father.

Morecambe & Wise have recently reached a whole new audience thanks to the hugely successful stage play, "The Play Wot I Wrote" directed by Kenneth Branagh, which is currently taking Broadway by storm.

The biography, "Eric Morecambe: Life's not hollywood, it's Cricklewood", is out 18th September and will offer a great insight for fans, both new and old, into one of the foundations of British comedy.


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