Happy Tree Friends

Posted in Cartoons on October, 24 2003 8:32 PM

Happy Tree FriendsCute, cuddly and horribly wrong.  Thats how we are introduced to the "Happy Tree Friends" a group of cute and cuddly woodland animals that wouldn't look out of place on a pre-school television programme.

Were this regular viewing for your average toddler however, there would be even more playgroup riots ending in bloodbaths than we have already become used to in the United Kingdom.

As you may have gathered, these seemingly innocent and cutesy animations are not for kids, or even adults if they happen to be of a squeamish and/or easily offended disposition.  The site itself probably puts it best when it warns "Not recommended for small children or big babies".

Your first port of call is obviously the "Watch Episodes" section, where, surprisingly, you can watch episodes of the series.  If you're not a "big baby" and just can't get enough cute-wildlife-death you can choose from a vareity of merchandise and get all the many episodes on two DVDs.



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