The cartoons of Nigel Sutherland

Posted in Cartoons on August, 17 2003 6:46 PM

If you read a national newspaper, or infact even if you don't read it but instead stare blankly at the pages pretending to read and hoping no-one notices, you can't help but spot cartoons.  We're not talking about the comics section, with the likes of Fred Bassett and Andy Kapp, but the single frame comics that you will find peeping out at you from between the columns of sensible journalism like a kind of peeping thing. 

These comics usually depict some topical event of the day, and as the name suggests depict it in just a single caption frame rather than the traditional three or four frames (possibly for tax reasons).

It is here we meet Nigel Sutherland (not literally, that would be a little strange and probably quite intrusive, bursting in on him at any time of night or day, when he could be doing anything in the privacy of his own home- mowing his lawn, or making 'Chuckle-Brothers porn').  Anyway we digress, in a way that suggests I'm getting paid by the word.  Indeed.  Absolutely. In fact.

Anyway, yes, cartoons.  Sutherland's work is indeed, without exception, very humorous.  And it's not just us who thinks so.  Sutherland's work features in The Sun, The Daily Star, The Weekly News and Punch, and so many publications cannot be wrong (except possibly on issues of The Single Currency, Assylum Seekers and Dale Winton, but not about Cartoons, unless they're cartoons about The Single Currency, Asylum Seekers and/or Dale Winton, in which case it is a bit of a grey area, and probably requires some kind of third party jurisdiction.)

We assume Nigel Sutherlands work would also feature in the Daily Mail, if there was enough page space available on the page after articles such a "Has the world gone mad? British scones being served without real cream but real cream substitute or real cream that comes in pressurised squirty bottles that's not real cream because of the evil red tape from brussels thats caused real cream to be a substituted for the asylum seekers who just don't apreciate a real English cup of tea, has the world gone mad?"

So in short, visit his site, read cartoons, laugh.


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