The Everyday Adventures of Weebl

Posted in Cartoons on May, 12 2004 1:29 PM

(...and sometimes Weebl's friend Bob).

Weebl and Bob is, on the surface, extremely bad. Poor animation, incoherent voice work, plots that don't make sense.

It is, however, screamingly funny. Weebl (a large egg thing with a face) and Bob (a slightly smaller egg thing) go through varied adventures, mostly revolving around pie. On these journeys, they are sometimes joined by Chris the Ninja Pirate (a mushroom) and thwarted by Wee Bull (a small bull). Trust me, it all makes more sense when you're watching them.

It's also worth noting that the music clips used are often interesting in their own right. The website as a whole includes a Weebl shop, an easy to use subscription option, and lots lots more!



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