Iannucci on Keaton

Posted in Comedians on February, 26 2006 7:15 PM

Armando Iannucci, one of Britain's foremost satirists and responsible for The Friday (and Saturday) Night Armistice and many other projects, has written an article on the great silent-movie come ...
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Part-Troll: Bill Bailey Fansite

Posted in Comedians on October, 30 2005 9:09 AM

A comprehensive database of all things to do with the bearded musical comedian. There is a neatly organized listing of all his television, radio, film and live appearances - sortable by year or ...
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The Oddballs - Comedy Naked Balloon Dancers

Posted in Comedians on October, 06 2005 3:51 PM

A comedy act which has been going for well over twenty years and is still in popular demand from national theatres to bingo halls and clubs. The Oddballs Naked Balloon Dance is an act impossible ...
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Lee Evans - No.1 Fansite

Posted in Comedians on April, 26 2005 8:28 AM

Fansite for Lee Evans. This has everything you might expect from such a thing - news, reviews of his films (although oddly, they've missed out Mousetrap and The Fifth Element) and so on. It h ...
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Unofficial Tommy Cooper Website

Posted in Comedians on March, 01 2004 9:29 PM

To call this site "Detailed" would be an understatement.  To the Tommy Cooper fan it could be considered an encyclopedia of information about the late comic. It contains details of books, t ...
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The Complete Guide To Reeves & Mortimer

Posted in Comedians on January, 20 2004 9:42 PM

'The Complete Guide to Reeves & Mortimer" is a complete guide to Reeves and Mortimer (it took six years at journalism school to be able to string together headlines like that).  But fli ...
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Ant and Dec Website

Posted in Comedians on January, 20 2004 9:35 PM

Although not technically "comedians" (at least as far as we are concerned) this Tyne-side duo did win an award in the National Comedy Awards last year and we do receive a lot of corresponde ...
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Lee Evans - Official Website & Tour Dates

Posted in Comedians on January, 07 2004 9:03 AM

Lee Evans' official website, produced by 'Off the Kerb Productions', is crammed to the brim with useful Lee Evans-related features.  There is News, Pictures, Video and Audio Clips, Biograph ...
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