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Posted in Comedians on January, 07 2004 9:03 AM

Lee Evans 2Lee Evans' official website, produced by 'Off the Kerb Productions', is crammed to the brim with useful Lee Evans-related features.  There is News, Pictures, Video and Audio Clips, Biographies and more.  The site also features Lee's latests news, and details of any forthcoming tour dates.





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4046 days ago SuzieSeager posted

Does anyone have an Email address for Mr.Evans? My sister waited outside his Wembley show(as my other sister went in to watch!Nice huh!)year ago but still waited after in the freezing cold to meet Lee. He told her that she should have told someone she was out there and he would have brought her in. Smashing guy!I live in the USA but am coming home for my birthday and am DESPERATELY Trying to get tickets to the Norwich July 17th show so she can ACTUALLY see his show,even if it means I'll be the one waiting outside this time!Which pains me as I am a stand up comedian and would give vital parts of my anatomy to see this comedic genius!(shameless self promotion! It ain't easy being a girl in the stand up world! Cough... youtube...cough.... suzieseager..cough )If anyone can help me get even 1 ticket I would really appreciate it!And Mr. Evans,if you get to read this, you have truly been an inspiration to me as a comedian and human being as you made my sisters night by warming her hands and with your kind words.I thank you so much.

3887 days ago AdeleRawstron posted

Just been to see Lee Evans tonight at MEN Arena. Top night. Laughed all the way through

3883 days ago rikiy posted

what a ferking funny man an absolute must see went to Manchester last night proper rib aching show . well worth the year long wait the best funny comedian this side of the Atlantic

3883 days ago rikiy posted

went to see lee last night at Manchester proper rib aching show from start to finish.a must see a true entertainer and so funny.well worth the year long wait the best humble and funniest comedian this side of the Atlantic.well done monkey boy

3877 days ago jim posted

Was going to see Lee at Cardiff on 19th Nov 2011, paid over the top price to GET ME IN for tickets in January. Many phone calls later to trace tickets with promises of tickets one week before gig. Wednesday, told they will be with me Friday before 1pm. Thursday, 2 days before gig, emailed me to say sorry no Tickets. What a SCAM, take my money in January, bank it, earn interst on it, then return it. Next Mug Please. I've no chance of getting tickets now, totally gutted. This system needs sorting out as it can only give one person a bad name and that is the artist. It is alright Lee I don't blame you, but may be management need a good kick up the backside.

3874 days ago jim posted

Decided to go to Cardiff on 19th November with no tickets for Lee's show as hotel was booked and paid for. As a last ditch effort to get impossible tickets, went to the box office, non available. On leaving, bumped into ticket tout, after 5 mins of shall we risk it or not, we went for it, paid double the face value or £90 less than GET ME IN. Got in, Block 6, 1st level, best seat in the house. Best gig in the world. Well done Lee. Only downer, still waiting for my money from GET ME IN. I am even more convinced that this is a major scam.

3800 days ago DianeBoothman posted

does anyone know when lee evans is touring again in sheffield because i want to talk my partner as a suprise but i can tfind the tour dates anywhere

3326 days ago johnshelton posted

tried to book tickets for lee Evans but was told that because there was a block of 3 seats in the area we wanted to sit that it is not possible to book 2 seats,this is because the promoters don't want single seats.If this is not dictating where people sit then what is?. Bet lee does not know this happens!!!!

3326 days ago PeterNaughton posted

hi john shelton who did you try booking with? I rung and complained to ticket master yesterday because when i tried to get front row tickets they were taken from me just as i was about to pay.I also told them about the complaint that you have as it has also happened to me in the past and i pointed out that there are single seats available dotted around the place so how can that be and they said maybe the venue has allowed that to happen.so try ringing the venua to book the seats you want.... gluk

3195 days ago Dana posted

Dear Mr Evans,

Just wanted to say what a life saver you have been to myself and my boyfriend during the last fortnight. I have sadly had a miscarriage and not been in a good state of mind as you can imagine. We have watched all of the complete live comedy collection 1994-2011 and you have taken our minds off the situation for a few hours with laughter. Our favourite is the Lee Evans XL Tour 2005 Live. So thanks mate keep up the outstanding work. Thank You Dana and Ricky.x

3014 days ago doquynhksnb posted

have new information about this trip you take home to share with everyone. athus inspired me with this.


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