Police Report

Posted in Corny on November, 14 2004 11:34 PM

Police report :- A man was found at his north london home today, drowned in a bowl of muesli. Investigators say he was pulled under by a strong current. ...
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Posted in Corny on September, 12 2003 11:09 PM

A man walkes into a fish and chip shop with a fish under his arm: "Do you have any fishcakes?" he asks "Yes" comes the reply. "Thank God," says the man "It's his birthday today." ...
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Mary's Nickname!

Posted in Corny on September, 12 2003 11:05 PM

What is Mary short for?   Her legs are tiny. ...
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Posted in Corny on June, 06 2003 6:31 AM

Q.Why did the baby strawberry Cry? A. Because its mother was stuck in a jam. ...
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Doris calling!

Posted in Corny on May, 15 2003 4:17 PM

Tony: "Knock knock" Tricia: "Who''s there?" Tony: "Doris." Tricia: "Doris, who?" Tony: "Doris locked, that's why I had to knock!! ...
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Posted in Corny on May, 15 2003 2:50 PM

Where do you find a dog with no legs? Right where you left him ...
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Posted in Corny on May, 13 2003 3:28 PM

Two men are taking an oral IQ test. The first man is asked "Put the word 'great' into a sentence." So the man says "I have bought a new coat, and it's great." The second man is ...
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Posted in Corny on February, 08 2003 10:04 PM

One day a man was walking his dog 'Minton' in the park, Minton saw a shuttle cock on the floor, and he ate it. His owner turned around and said 'Bad Minton' ...
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