Soap Dispenser

Posted in Dirty on February, 21 2004 7:48 PM

A guy was taking a shower in a five star hotel and noticed there was no soap. So he ran out to the storage room naked and got two bars.

But as he turned around to go back to his room three old blind ladies stopped him dead in his tracks.

The first old lady said "Oh look girls a soap dispenser, my room is out of soap." So she reached out, pulled his penis and he droped one bar.  She took the bar back to their room and put it in the shower.

The second lady did the same, tucks his penis and he dropped the other bar. So she took it back to their room.

A few minutes later the third old lady returns to the old ladies bedroom.  The first old lady asked her "Did you not get any soap then?"

To which the third old lady replies:  "I didn't need to get soap.  Look at the improvement in my complexion.... the machine gave me moisturising face lotion..."



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