The Flat with Three Floors

Posted in Dirty on April, 05 2004 5:50 PM

On the top floor of a cheap flat in California a man was doing carving with his best sharp knife. On the middle floor a man was in a bath made of very rusty cheap metal. On the bottom floor a man was having a party. Suddenly the man on the top floor dropped his knife through the floorboards and chopped off a part which was very special to man on the middle floor. The knife with the mans private parts still atached broke the rusty bath and went to the bottom floor.

The 3 men met in a lift and discussed their day. "I had a terrible day " the man on the top floor said "I lost my best knife!"

"I had an even worse day" the man on the middle floor said. " I had to have plastic surgery for some new private parts"

"Sorry you had such bad days" The one on the bottom floor said "But mine was great. We thought all the party food had been eaten, but then I found one more mini-sauasage on a stick!"


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3563 days ago mandy jayne posted

musta been a small 'sausage'. poor chap!

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