Bet the Barman

Posted in Drinking on April, 27 2003 4:31 AM

A man walks into a bar and orders a drink.  After chatting with some customers, he walks over to the bartender and offers to make a bet. 

"I'll bet you $250 that i can whip out my cock, and--you see that trophy over there?" he says, pointing all the way across the bar, "--i'll send a stream of piss out that'll knock that trophy right off the shelf."

So the bartender thinks to himself "hell yeah, even if he can hit that trophy, its made of lead and i glued it to the shelf my damn self."

So he thinks for a second, turns and says "you're on!"

The man whips it out, and starts going for it.  He's even getting close to the statue.  Then he stops.  The bartender gets excited, but the man starts up again.  He's going and going, and piss is getting all over the place, but alas, all wells eventually run dry, and the man can't reach the statue.

The bartender is overjoyed, and collects his money.  Out of curiousity, he asks "why the hell did you make that bet?"

The man answers, "Well, if you really want to know...  I bet that guy over there $500 bucks i could piss all over your bar and have you smiling about it..."


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