Flying drunk

Posted in Drinking on February, 20 2004 8:51 PM

This man walks into a bar that is on top of a very tall building, he orders one large drink. Downs it in one, goes over to a window and jumps out.

10 minuets later the same man walks back in. Orders one large drink, downs it in one, goes over to the window and jumps out.

Another ten minuets later he walks in again. Orders one large drink, but before he drinks it a man who has been watching all of this stops him and asks "excuse me, but how are you doing this? How can you be fine after jumping out that window?"

The man replys "well, when you down this drink in one, it gives you a warm sensation inside and everyone knows that hot air rises. So when you jump out the window all the warm air rushes to the top of your body and gently floats you too the ground."

"I've gotta try this!" the other man says. So he orders one large drink, downs it in one, goes over to the window, jumps out, and splats on the pavement below.

The barman looks over at the bloke who's still sitting at the bar and says "You're a tosser when drunk Superman."


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