Pub bet

Posted in Drinking on February, 08 2003 9:04 PM

This guy walked into a bar and said to the barman "I bet you £100 that I can pee into that glass which is 10 metres away without gettin even one little drop of widdle anywhere else in the bar". The barman said that there was no way he could do this and accepted his bet, so the guy whipped out his todger and aimed for the glass and started to piddle, but unfortunately got nowhere near the glass and even piddled in the barman's face. After doing this the guy pulls up his trousers and handed over the money with a tremendously big smile on his face and the barman asked why he was smiling because after all the barman was the one who had won the bet and the guy replies "I bet you that I could piddle in the glass for £100 and I bet those guys over there that I could piddle everywhere in your bar for £500!"


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