Six pack

Posted in Drinking on February, 08 2003 9:04 PM

There were three men, Bill, James and Andy working on the top of a high rise building in New York.

As James was cleaning 1 of the windows on the 100th floor he unfortunately fell and dropped to his immediate death.

This left Bill and Andy to give the bad news to the now widowed wife of James.

After a bit of squabling Bill decided that he isn't top bad at consoling people and decided he would go and tell James's wife.

A couple of hours later Bill returned with a six pack of beer in his hand, Andy became confused and said:

"Blooming heck Bill, you are good at consoling people! You've just been to tell a woman that her husband's just died and she given you a six pack of beer"

"Well it's not exactly like that" Bill said "I went to her house knocked on the door and a woman answered I said to her are you the widow of James McGee. No, I'm not said the woman, so I said to her, bet you a six pack you are".


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