Aniston Defeats the X-Men

Posted in Film on June, 08 2006 8:28 AM

The X-Men can battle against evil mutants all they like, but when the opposition is Jennifer Aniston it seems they're helpless.

The Break-Up, starring Aniston and her rumoured boyfriend Vince Vaughn has knocked X-Men: The Last Stand off the top spot in the US film charts, taking over £20m in it's first weekend.

X-Men stays second in the chart, taking around £18m.

The Break-Up is about a couple whose relationship is in trouble but who choose to stay together in their Chicago apartment. The two stars met on set, and according to gossip, are now dating.

The film now has the third highest opening weekend for a romantic comedy, after the Will Smith vehicle Hitch and 50 First Dates .

Animated comedy Over The Hedge, with the voice of Bruce Willis, held on to third place, taking just under £11m.

And former Presidential candidate Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth, all about climate change, made it to number nine. It's record of £700,000 from just 77 cinema's means that it took more money per screen than The Break-Up.


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