Cars Drives Into Top Gear

Posted in Film on June, 15 2006 8:33 AM

It's another week of change at the top for the US box office chart, as new animated comedy Cars races (geddit?) into the top spot.

Jennifer Aniston's comedy with Vince Vaughn drops to number two.

Cars took around £34m in its first three days, making it Pixar's third most successful opening behind The Incredibles and Finding Nemo. It features the voices of Owen Wilson and Paul Newman, and opens in the UK on the 28th July.

Just to let you know, the remake of classic film the Omen, which took a pounding in the reviews, took £6.8m on it's first day. This is, apparently, a record for a Tuesday. Some people will do anything to follow a cheap marketing gimmick, and releasing a remake of a film about the Antichrist on 06/06/06 is one of the most gimmicky things that can be thought up.


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