Izzard In Comedy Film Role

Posted in Film on July, 15 2006 1:54 PM

Eddie Izzard is looking forward to his next film role because, for a change, it's actually supposed to be funny. He is playing Professor Bedlam, spurned wannabee love of Uma Thurman in "My Super Ex-Girlfriend".

He notes that it is his "first really comedic part. He could have been just the bad guy, but it's also playing on his bitterness over being dumped."

"I constantly attack her whilst being emotionally in love with her all the time. I do know that feeling. I think everyone has gone through being dumped."

Izzard did get good reviews in The Wild, playing a koala, and he's been busy elsewhere. He spent some time flying with Tony Blair around various parts of Europe. Eddie Izzards thoughts in that case ended up on the Internet, on a podcast in the Guardian newspaper. However, he is also involved in a TV series.

In the meantime, the publicity campaign for My Super Ex-Girlfriend is about to kick in, which means more time spent with Uma Thurman and the ever-likable Luke Wilson who plays the man who dumps Thurman's superpowered woman.

It's a date movie with a difference, this one. And with Eddie Izzard attached, it should hopefully be a bit weirder than you might expect.


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