Peter Boyle: 1935 - 2006

Posted in Film on December, 13 2006 9:22 PM

Peter Boyle has lost his battle against bone marrow cancer and heart disease and died in a New York hospital yesterday (11th December) aged 71.

Boyle was a diverse and talented actor who was able to successfully span his career across all genres of film and television. Some of his most memorable comedy film roles include The Monster in Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein (1974), joining an eclectic comedic cast in Python-lite Yellowbeard (1983), cast as a man who believed he was Jesus in The Dream Team (1989) and as Sandra Bullock's eccentric potential father-in-law in While you were Sleeping (1995). Boyle can be currently seen (sort of) as Father Time in Tim Allen's The Santa Clause 3 .

Most notable must be his portrayal of Ray Barone's father, Frank, in 201 episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond .



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