Pirates Plunder Disney Jobs

Posted in Film on July, 19 2006 12:10 PM

It may not have been directly their fault but must have been a deciding factor for Disney heads to axe 650 jobs and cut back on their 'grown-up' targeted films.

With Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest holding the box office top spots in the US and UK Disney have been having a serious look at how their family films' takings compare to those of subsidiary studio's, Touchstone.

Touchstone Pictures' output is more adult orientated films (but not 'adult', if you get me) and have been having their fair share of underachievers including The Ladykillers, Casanova and Kinky Boots. Aside from the box office, Touchstone are also being punished for not being able to follow up on potential merchandising products. For some reason the Casanova condoms didn't sell and The Ladykillers: Kill The Old Lady video game, apparently, didn't fly off the shelf.

Disney has decided to start cutting the wheat from the chaff and focus more on the kiddy-friendly films by axing staff from all around the world and cutting back on their output from 18 to 12 films a year. That is to say Disney are going to stop making films for people who are more discerning about what they watch and focus on those who will watch any old rubbish as long as they get a bag of sweets to scoff on.


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