Soldier Wilson Teaches Kids

Posted in Film on June, 23 2006 8:44 AM

The ever-popular Owen Wilson is all signed up for a new film. It sounds like a simple idea (and a lot of good movies have a good idea behind them) and it's like this:

Two average kids arrive for their first year at high school and the local bully beats them up. Swearing vengeance upon him, they scour the local paper until they find the man who they hope will be their saviour - Owen Wilson's soldier of fortune, the titular Drillbit Taylor.

Of course, this being a family comedy, the soldier of fortune doesn't really teach them how to dismantle an AK-47 in three seconds, but we can predict lots of slapstick fun.

With an excellent behind-the-camera crew including Seth Rogen, Chris Brown (who used to write for the just-slightly-successful sitcom Friends) and Judd Apatow, this should have all the right moves to become another Owen Wilson smash hit.


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