Posted in Film on August, 02 2005 7:38 AM

Luke WilsonThe Simpsons scribe, Don Payne, is teaming up with Ghostbusters director, Ivan Reitman, for a new romantic comedy due out next year. Titled, Super Ex, it sees average Joe, Luke Wilson, falling in love with mild mannered girl played by Uma Thurman. As their relationship develops he finds her to be clingy and overbearing so dumps her.


Unfortunately for him she turns out to be a bit of a ‘bunny boiler’ and a super-powered one to boot. She then uses all her abilities to exact her revenge and make his life misery.


Filming will take place in New York and is due to commence this autumn.


With another burst of ‘super’ films heading our way over the next year, it’s about time that somebody jumped on the wagon and made a super-comedy. Thank god it’s not just being left up to Scary Movie 4 to do the job.


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