The Title Says It All

Posted in Film on July, 08 2006 1:32 PM

The time has come to add the voice of to the internet madness that is the support for Oficial Bad Film Snakes On A Plane.

It's really about as complicated as it sounds. A Mafia boss is on an airplane being taken to trial. Somebody else decides to stop him from getting there by releasing a large number of poisonous snakes whilst the plane is in the air. And (this is my favourite bit) Samuel L. Jackson is the man responsible for stopping them.

The film does, apparantly, feature the line "I want these motherf***ing snakes OFF this motherf***ing plane!"

Doing a Google search or similar will reveal the full internet support for this film, from messageboards, websites, blogs, poems, mocked up posters and fan created trailers. It's every bit as bad as it sounds, and is likely to feature a great number of casualties, lots of violence and swearing and a smattering of nudity.

The rumour goes that Jackson signed up to the film on the basis of the title alone.

Please remember that this is intentionally bad - much along the line of, for example Eight Legged Freaks from a few years ago.

We'd like to suggest some posible sequels, if this hasn't already been done:

Snakes On A Train
Snakes On A Boat
Snakes In Space (because everything is better with ...In Space added to the end)
A Building Full Of Snakes
Snakes In A Stadium
Snakes On A Submarine...and so on. This could be a franchise that might run and run.

Watch a trailer through the link and keep letting everyone know about it!


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