They've All Got It Infamy!

Posted in Film on January, 19 2007 5:24 PM

Comedy and celebrity, sometimes, don't work well together. As soon as a comedian gets on the TV then that's his/her act used up; the set is old jokes. Before TV and a comedian could get one set to last over a year doing isolated stand-up gigs. That's why many comedians' longevity has been scuppered after they got 'famous'.

It is an even bigger problem for those candid comedians whose material comes from undercover work: Dennis Pennis, Brass Eye and Trigger Happy TV are a few of the casualties of popularity. Now Sacha Baron Cohen faces that problem with Borat.

The humour derived from people not knowing Borat is a fictional character loses its edge after an international box office hit film, two Golden Globes, threats of violence and death, and a nation threatening legal action. So Cohen is prepared to say farewell to the naïve reporter from Kazakhstan.

He said, “I think it will probably be impossible to do Borat again. I think the days of me going undercover are probably over."

Well, they'll maybe be over after completion of the £22M film deal that will feature his gay, Austrian fashion designer, Bruno. Get that hate mail ready, steady, ...


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