Vince To Take Jen Up The Aisle?

Posted in Film on July, 06 2006 12:09 PM

Jen and Vince? They are? They're not. They are. They're not? They are!

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn could genuinely be an item rather than a cynical marketing ploy to boost the media attention on their latest film The Break Up.

They really could mean something to each other rather than Aniston just trying to either 'get back' at ex-hubby Pitt or distract news-hounds from his and Jolie's new baby.

Why? What could be the definitive clincher of this relationship? US magazine Life + Style has it on good authority that Vaughn has popped the question. And not the question about whether she will do a sequel with him.

Strangely enough the insider happens to be one of Aniston's ex-in-laws who stated that the deed was done in Paris whilst the couple were promoting their film. All of which, of course, hasn't drawn any extra media attention towards the new release.

Anyway, aside from, apparently, inviting her ex-mother-in-law and ex-sister-in-law to the wedding she has also, "already asked Courteney Cox to be her matron of honour."

Yet the big occasion seems it will have to wait a little longer as the couple are waiting for all the excitement concerning the 'Brangelina' baby to die down.

Let me get this straight; even though it's going to be a secret wedding they want to make sure the media isn't focusing on anyone else?

Whatever. It looks like they really, really, really do love each other really and will be together for ever and ever or at least as long as any other celebrity marriage.


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