Wilsons Rule #1

Posted in Film on July, 12 2006 10:20 PM

Luke and Owen Wilson are, between them, monopolising the comedy film industry.

Owen's next film, You, Me and Dupree, has him playing lifelong loser Randy Dupree who, after his latest series of self-induced misfortunes leaves him jobless and homeless. Of course his best friend (Matt Dillon) offers him space at his place until he gets settled. But he's only just been married and wife (Kate Hudson) isn't too happy about the arrangement. Soon the young couple are desperately trying to rid their home of the slobby pest.

Part of Owen's character requires him to consistently eat chicken wings dipped in milk. He said he was so nauseated by the experience that he, "had a bucket next to me so I could gag after each take."

If that wasn't bad enough he tried to ban his own mother from going to see the film because of nude scenes.

In a twist of 'art imitating life' Owen is just getting over having to have chucked brother, Luke, out of his apartment. But for being too clean. He said, "He told me that I wasn't keeping the place tidy enough. Luke can be a little bit of a type A personality. But what's funny is, as soon as he moved out, I kind of missed him."

You, Me And Dupree is released on 25th August 2006.


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