Wilsons Rule #2

Posted in Film on July, 12 2006 10:23 PM

Owen and Luke Wilson are, between them, monopolising the comedy film industry.

Luke recently suffered a similarly embarrassing 'mom moment' as his brother when he tried to explain one of his new projects, Barry Munday. Luke plays the title role whom is a complete womaniser and wakes one morning to find that he has been castrated. On top of that comes a paternity suit from a woman he doesn't remember sleeping with.

Luke said, "It was the first time I had difficulty describing a movie to my mother. When I told her about it, I tried to cough my way through the conversation."

Luke's next released film is My Super Ex-Girlfriend, co-starring Uma Thurman. In it, his character inadvertently starts dating superhero G-Girl who ends up being an over possessive girlfriend who he then tries to dump.

He states that it has been one of his hardest roles to date; that the premise was so unbelievable that he "had to draw on all of (his) acting training," to get him through. The main problem being that who in their right mind would dump Uma Thurman?

He said, "When we were shooting the movie, she would do something really crazy and funny, which I find so attractive in a woman, and I'd have to remind myself, 'Now remember, Luke, you want out of this relationship.'"

My Super Ex-Girlfriend is released on 4th August 2006 and also co-stars Eddie Izzard as one of G-Girl's exes. He is rather happy with the role and stated, "(It's) my first really comedic part. He could have just been the bad guy, but it's also playing on his bitterness over being dumped. I constantly attack her whilst being emotionally in love with her all the time. I do know that feeling. I think everyone has gone through being dumped!"


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