100 Fruits

Posted in Food on September, 24 2006 4:12 PM

Two men got kidnapped by a pirate and taken to a desert island. The pirate told them that they must collect 100 fruit before they can be freed so they both go off to collect the fruit.

Shortly the first man came back and said to the pirate, "I have collected 100 grapes but my friend is still out there picking fruit."

The pirate said, "Very good. Now if you can shove these grapes up your arse without laughing you will not be killed."

So the man started putting them up his arse but after about 3 grapes he started laughing and the pirate said, "Do you not realise you are going to be killed now?"

And the man replied, "Yes, but I'm just thinking about my friend picking pineapples."


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