Misconceived Domain Names

Posted in Funny Lists on October, 24 2005 10:40 PM

Certain company marketing departments are either very clever or really stupid. You may be searching for something specific but if you come up with these places you'll probably end up disappointed.

http://www.whorepresents.com/ - Not a 'Lady Of The Night' showcase of adult themed televisual delights but a database of the rich and famous and their agents.

http://www.expertsexchange.com - Need someone to correct that gender issue for you? Not this place. Computer geeks only.

http://www.penisland.net - Well? You've heard of Fantasy Island, the Virgin Islands and the Isle of Lesbos. Here's the land where all your customised writing needs are fulfilled.

http://www.therapistfinder.com - A database of sexual offenders or a database of psychosis menders?

http://www.molestationnursery.com - Always do a background check before you sign your children up to pre-school; you could be sending them to a garden centre in New South Wales.

http://www.powergenitalia.com - Finally, a site that requires membership log-in details to access this Italian electricity company site.


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