Bad Day

Posted in Gender on February, 03 2003 9:29 PM

A bloke walks into a pub and orders 6 double vodkas, the barman says "bad day ?"

The bloke replies "yes, I just found out my brother's gay !"

"oh you'll get used to it" replies the barman. The following day the man re-enters and again orders 6 double vodkas.

"not another bad day ?" asks the barman.

"yes" replies the man, "I just found out my other brothers gay too."

"Have an extra one, on the house" offers the barman.

Two days later the man returned to the pub, looking more depressed than usual, he sits down and orders 6 double vodkas.

The barman asks "for fuck sake, does no one in you family like women ?"

"yes" replies the man "my wife does!"


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