The Ferret

Posted in Gender on February, 03 2003 9:25 PM

One day a bloke called Dave was sitting at the bar in a pub when in walks his mate Steve with a massive grin on his face.

"What have you got to be so happy about?" asks Dave

"It's my ferrit" says Steve "ever since I got him I've been unable to wipe the smile off my face, he gives the most amazing blow jobs"

"Give over" says Dave "you're pulling my leg"

"No, straight up" says Steve "it's true and to prove it I'll let you have a go"

So Steve pulls a ferrit from out of his trousers and passes it to Dave.

"Ok, I'll try it now" says Dave and walks off to the gents to give it a go.

30 seconds later (ok so Dave's easily pleased) Dave walks out of the gents with an absolutely astonished look on his face having had the best blow job of his entire life.

"I have GOT to have this ferrit" says Dave "will you sell it to me?"

"Well I dunno, I might for £75" says Steve

And so a deal was struck and Dave bought the ferrit and took it home and showed his wife.

She was not happy at all especially when she found out that Dave had spent £75 on it.

"A Ferrit, I ask you, a ferrit, what the hell am I supposed to do with a ferrit?" asks his wife. So Dave replies:

"Teach it to cook then piss off!"


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