The Perfect Couple

Posted in Gender on February, 03 2003 9:37 PM

One day a perfect man met a perfect woman. after dating for a couple of perfect weeks they decided to get married. it was the perfect wedding and their lives were, of course, perfect. on one perfect snowy xmas eve they had just been to a perfect party they drove home through the snow. on the way home they saw a man standing by the side of the road and being the perfect couple they decided to pick him up. the hitchhiker turned out to be santa claus but shortly after he had been picked up the car swerved off the road and crashed.

Who was driving the car when it crashed?

The person who was driving the car when it crashed was the woman as everyone knows that santa claus doesn't exist and that there is no such thing as a perfect man. Therefore the woman had to have been driving the car. and this explains why there was a car crash.

Women, stop reading here. Men continue down...

So it is clear that the woman was driving when the car crashed and this explains why there was a car crash. and if there are any women still reading this then thats another point! Women never listen either!!!!


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