Del Strain

Posted in Gig Reviews on February, 19 2006 2:28 PM

Del StrainThis wiry, little man creeps onto stage and lets rip with a furiously rapid, broad Scots accent. **** me – Begbie’s doing stand-up!


Strain’s material is purely centred on a potential criminal intent/past/upbringing so has a tendency to become slightly predictable and only ‘amusing’ rather than outright funny. However, every comic uses some sort of hook or gimmick to mark their comedy territory and his is fairly unique in that there are not many comics out there who profess to an illicit livelihood.


My only other criticism (and it’s purely a regional thing) is that I found it quite difficult to hear what he was saying. Whether it was nerves or simply his style of delivery, the speed on top of the accent forced such an intense level of concentration that the punchlines weren’t given the time to sink in or a gap between each delivery to react to.


Strain is an okay comedian but required too much work too early in the evening. Given time and a higher billing I’m sure he’ll be a much more accessible act.



Place on bill: 1st Act

Venue: Creased Up - The Hawth, Crawley

Date of show: 13th February 2005


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