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HenningThe phrase "German comedian" may strike you as an oxymoron on a par of absurdity with the likes of an "underwater hairdryer". Henning, therefore, comes as somewhat of a surprise.

The first impression is that a german tourist has bought himself a bumper book of jokes from the 1970's which he will proceed to recite verbatim. However, as you prepare yourself for 15 minutes of cringing the magic begins.

You see the jokes aren't actually the jokes.  They do raise a titter, but would be well past their use by date under normal circumstances.  It's a sublime deconstruction following these jokes that let's him get away with it and the logic behind each one is picked apart and explained to us with a typical German precision.

When he's not analysing the playground humour of yesteryear he turns his attention to the war (WW2, not Iraq) and it's great to hear a different perspective as he muses on war movies and even "Allo Allo". But, while this other material is good,  it's the clever deconstruction that really shines and leaves the audience wanting more.

Harkers - York
York Comedy Festival 2004 - National Talent Hunt Competition
07/06/04 - Heat 2 - 4th Act of 6 - Winner
12/06/04 - Final - 1st Act of 6 - Runner Up


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