Hils Barker

Posted in Gig Reviews on August, 17 2003 2:38 PM

Hils BarkerWhen Hils Barker enters the stage you are struck by how petite this young woman is. Despite the youthful appearance it become clear very early on that she possesses a mature and superbly witty sense of comedy.

Her grasp of regional accents is very funny. She started by performing a spoof of the kind of wailing Celtic song so popular with students and manic depressives alike! Her accent was so good that when it turned out that she did in fact have a very well spoken English accent, everyone seemed to be taken aback! She ended with a hilarious Spanish take off.

She does not seem afraid to try out new material and stay away from the standard anti war or anti religious humour that is so common at the Edinburgh festival this year. This is good to see now when a lot of comics would rather make a political statement than try to entertain you! But what you get from Barker is a refreshing, light and sexy display of new talent.


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