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Posted in Gig Reviews on September, 18 2004 10:09 AM

Ian Stone 2

If I was a betting man, and my local Ladbrokes burnt down on the day of the Grand National, and I needed another "dead cert" to put my money on, one option would be Ian Stone.  Obviously not as a runner at Aintree (that would just be strange), but as a sure thing to keep a standup audience laughing raucously for the duration of his set.

Stone's material is built on a solid foundation of keen observations and topical witticism.  Occasionally he shifts gear, almost taking you by surprise, with a well timed pun.  His likable persona allows him to weave through a range of topics, meandering through a scattering of well placed asides.

Ian Stone's professionalism really becomes apparent when dealing with hecklers, or simply audience members who feel that a standup performance should be more of a two-way exchange.  He puts down audience interruptions without breaking stride, using smart and relevant observations in situations that might leave less seasoned comics stumbling for words.

His performance leaves no doubt that he stands head and shoulders above many comics in his league, with material and delivery that few stand-ups on the current circuit can match. 


Funny.co.uk Comedy Club, Haywards Heath,  12th September 2004



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