James Sherwood

Posted in Gig Reviews on June, 29 2003 6:22 PM

James Sherwood brought the evening to a close as the last act of the National Talent Hunt 2003 final at the York Comedy Festival.  He was instantly at ease and exuded a confidence that said "I've done this before, I know what I'm doing".

His material was predominantly topical, although he could have been accused of being a couple of months out of date.  In all fairness however, this was a competition and he can't be blamed for sticking with his strongest, "tried and tested" material.

Rather than taking a risk with untested new material based on the latest events he stuck to broader subjects such as the war in Iraq and SARS.

His topical material would sit him comfortably on a Radio 4 topical news quiz or "Have I Got News For You" and, assuming he can think on his feet, it would be no surprise to see him sidling up to Ian Hislop in the not-too-distant future.

(Harkers, York - Monday 23/06/2003 - York Comedy Festival - National Talent Hunt FINAL.  Click here for more details on the 2003 York Comedy Festival )


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