Posted in Holidays on February, 03 2003 10:53 PM

One day, a man walked into a Hotel and said
"Do you have a room?"
Then the Manager said, "Yes, we have one with a pig, one with a cow, and one with 18 ladies.
He picked the one with the 18 ladies.
Another man walks into the hotel and says, "I need a room."
The hotel manager said, "OK, we have one with a pig, and one with a cow.
He picked the one with the pig.
Then, one last man walks into the hotel, and says "I need a room."
The manager gave him the cow room, and the next day, the 3 men sat together for breakfeast.
The 1st man said, 'I feel like bacon."
The other man said "I feel like steak."
And, the last man said, "I feel like a golf ball that just went through all 18 holes!"


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