American Pie 3: Cast Interviews

Posted in Interviews on August, 25 2003 9:05 AM

With the third installment of the smash-hit comedy: American Pie going into UK cinemas at the moment, caught up with the cast to find out about their experiences with the film.




How does it feel to be finished with American Pie


American Pie 3 1Alyson: It feels good, it's bittersweet, but I'm excited that we're going out on what I think is a very high note.


Jason: I agree.  I think we're going out on a high note.  It's kind of sad, we've had such an amazing time working on all three films, they've been the best times and I've enjoyed working with this cast immensely.  It's going to be a bummer, but hopefully we'll find something else to do together.  Actually, I'm just kidding.  I hope we never work together again.


Would you say American Pie has been like a family for you?


Alyson:  It's like a family-meets-frat house.


Jason:  A very dysfunctional family.


Alyson:  Yes, the kind of family that you really want to get away from, or maybe be adopted away from. 


How do you feel about the film going three episodes strong?


Amercian Pie 3 3Alyson:  It was just 'the little engine that could', it just kept going and going and getting better and better, and here we are.


Jason:  Are you talking about the movie…..?


Alyson:  No, your ego. 


What's it like working with each other?


Alyson:  We're like a brother and sister.


Jason:  But with other benefits…..  It's HOT!






What's your favourite part of the movie?


American Pie 3 2Seann:  There's a big dance sequence where I get to strut my stuff.  It's weird.  It starts off one way, then the dance keeps going and going, and then builds to this thrilling climax.  That was funny, because we had to practice that for like a month, then we didn't show anybody the dance until the day we started shooting it.


How did you prepare for your roles?


Seann:  I did a lot of research… hung around…. Went to lots of gay bars, you know, for the gay dance…  ate dog poo…. Then went to college and hung out with a lot of frat guys,  just to make sure I was using the right vernacular, so I was with it.


So, for all the gossip sites out there, has there been any off-screen romances?


Seann:  No.  No way.  I spend a lot of time in my trailer, all by myself.  I've made a lot of love to myself on this movie. But other people, no.  Oh, and I had a good time with a couch too.  So, er, what kind of website is this for again?  



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