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Posted in Jokes on May, 03 2003 9:51 PM

The Roffesoft Jokes Archive is exactly what it says on the tin, except it doesn't come in a tin, which means you'll need to put it in one, and as such you'll have the luxury of being able to write whatever you want on your newly aquired blank tin.  So we recommend you visit this site, otherwise you won't know what to write on it.

This site contains a substantial collection of (mostly) genuinely funny jokes, plus pictures, captions, Limericks and quotes.  With nearly 5000 jokes to chose from the sites categorisation and search facility come in very useful.

Roffesoft is completely free from pop-ups and advertising, which makes it ideal for the ever-growing minority of web users who would otherwise spend all day staring at a blank internet explorer window, not touching the keyboard or mouse for fear of accidentally stumbling across an unwanted banner-ad.  (This may sound over the top, but every year banner ads kill around the same number of people as are killed by those little polystyrene packing pieces that look like cheesy nibbles).

With currently 4853 Jokes, 2223 Limericks, 170 Quotes, 721 Pictures & 23 Files there is more than enough good material to indulge in, and while away your hours (or those of your employer).  So visit this site, and put your time to better use than it could otherwise be spent on designing a machine for automatically flaying pheasants.


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