The Son Who Did Good

Posted in Miscellaneous on March, 29 2004 8:42 PM

One day four guys went to go play golf. One man went to get tickets so they could get in the park, the other three started talking about their sons. The first man says "My son is doing great, he bought his girlfriend two brand new cars."

The second man says "My son is also doing good, he bought his girlfriend an all she can eat coupon to any restaurant she wants."

The third man says "My son is doing good too, he gave his girlfriend a free shopping spree to any mall she wants."

Then the fourth man returns. One man then asks "How is your son doing?"

He replied "Sorry my son doesnt like girls but he must be doing something good because his partners have recently given him two new cars, an all you can eat coupon and a free shopping spree to any mall he wants."


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