Three Men in a Predicament

Posted in Miscellaneous on April, 19 2004 7:50 PM

Three men in a pub come to an agreement that when they get home they have to do exactly what thier wives tell them. They arrange to meet the next week. A week passes and they meet back in the pub and tell each other thier stories. The first man says 'I had a terrible night, when I got home the wife was washing up so I decided to help her. I started to dry up and a plate slipped out of my hand and smashed on the floor. She said "Thats it smash the place."  So as we agreed I got a hammer and an axe and smashed the place. Police put me on a charge.'

The second bloke said 'Thats nothing when I got home the wife was watching T.V. So sat down next to her lit up a cigarette and fell asleep burning the couch. She said "Thats it burn the house down."  So as we agreed I went round the house dousing everything in petrol and set alight to it. Police put me on an arson charge.'

The third bloke said 'you two got off likely. When I got home the wife was in bed so I got in bed next to her.  Feeling amorous I decided to lean over and play with her nether regions. She said "You can cut that out."'


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