Posted in Motoring on February, 04 2003 12:07 AM

A piece of black tarmac walks into a bar, gets a beer and sits down.

Then, the M1 walks in. He says, "I've had a really bad day and you do not wanna mess with me!"

The black tarmac tells him to calm down and asks if he wants to join him for a drink.

The M1 and the black tarmac sit down together.

Then, the Dual Carriageway walks in. He says, "I have had a really, really bad day and you do not wanna mess with me".

The black tarmac and the M1 tell him to calm down and the Dual Carriageway joins them for a drink.

Just then, a piece of red tarmac walks in and the black tarmac starts shaking and whimpering. The bartender asks if anything's wrong and the black tarmac replies,

"You don't wanna mess with him... he's a cycle path!!"


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