Posted in Multimedia on October, 24 2003 8:32 PM

An American comedy troupe that operates from Madison, Wisconsin (nope, I don't know exactly where that is either). They certainly have a very clever look website, lots of nice graphics and so forth.

However, the meat of the site is the downloadable comedy clips. They vary in length from between about 30 seconds to about 6 minutes, but the ones I viewed are certainly funny enough for inclusion here. My favourite was "Bear in the Field", a charming folk tale in which a young girl runs happily through a field, to the sounds of a folk singer. The folk singer sings that there is a bear in the field.

Said bear then attacks and eats the girl. Said folk singer responds with "Thought I told you, didn't listen, there's a BEAR, in the field!" Simple, effective, visual comedy.


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