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Posted in Multimedia on April, 13 2004 10:49 AM

A collection of radio clips from around the world compiled by the UK Radio Advertising Bureau.  Each clip has its own Weird & Wicked rating based on how funny, weird and/or rude it is.

At the time of writing the following clips are available:

A phone-in competition goes horribly wrong. Great example of the liveness of radio.   

An Affair to Remember (USA)
This radio prankster gets more than he bargained for.....    

Armageddon Gerbil (USA)
Gerbil, toilet roll, sexual act, fire… X-rated theatre of the mind!   

Bag of Shite Top 20 (UK)
Steve Coogan we think. Listen how the character develops.   

Beef Curtains Wind-Up (UK)
Soundbite The classic Laurence Reed on Radio Cornwall......will make silly boys giggle   

Dan Saddam
How not to pronounce your H's.... Courtesy of Real Radio in Yorkshire   

Dogs Bollocks Top 20 (UK)
You can almost see this guy mouthing off (Steve Coogan creation we think)   

Football Man United (UK)
This commentator is not a teetotaller…   

Jack Nicholson (USA)
Great wind-up using sample of Jack: cop the way she deals with him.   

Jack Twat (UK)
Jack Twat is his real name. For some reason, this makes the newsreader a bit hysterical.   

Liz Hurley (UK)
A rogue caller leaves one presenter on the floor, the other coping gallantly… or trying to.   

Mike Vince (UK)
Whoever he is, he was very tired and emotional… listen all the way to the end!   

Pol Pot (UK)
Xfm's Richard Bacon is the disbelieving DJ & Elaine is the fantastic listener who just can't quite get the answer....   

Sex Toy Wind Up (USA)
A radio DJ phones an unsuspecting punter about a "vibrator recall". Weep.   

Swans Fan (UK)
A schoolboy who supports Swansea Town conveys his feelings live on air after the match. Truly moving.    

The History Of Rings (Aus)
What happens when you get a voiceover with a dirty mind to read a commercial about rings.   

The PC Helpdesk (USA)
Now this is a very very very VERY angry customer whose hard drive has been wiped.


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