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Posted in One Liners on February, 13 2003 10:10 PM

The pun. The lowest form of joke or a true genius that has gone for too long without deserved recognition. Whatever you might think, the author of this site is definitely after proving the latter, and he does put forward a good case!

I mean you have to admit that you like puns don't you? Ok, have a few pints first. Now, you have to admit that you like puns don't you?

It's a strange situation. An unwritten law says "Thou shalt not laugh at puns!". We all do our best to abide by this and get very embarrassed when a stray laugh slips out.

The answer? Well for now it's read this site in private, preferably in a sound proof room where you can laugh all you want! With a new pun every day and a huge archive you'll soon build a mental collection to take to the pub with you and see how many "law-breakers" you can influence!



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